Gerf 2020 cancelled due to the pandemic

So we decided to not hold any party this year.

When we started planning the event a month or two ago, the Covid-19 situation were looking pretty okay but unfortunately that's currently not the case.

We will not host any online event in place of the cancelled party but if you still want to take part in a scene event that weekend, Syntax Online will stream their online party thing, so visit them instead!

We will send the entrance fee back to those who've payed. Hope to see you another time!

It's getting darker

Halloween is approaching fast and we though that we would share some info about the venue.

There are rumours circling around that the venue have a bottom of the line ping pong table in it's dark and damp cellar. The rumours also state that the rackets are of top low quality too! And there was even someone who whispered that they spotted a ball moving around in the shadows..

On other notes, there is a perfectly fine cellar available for sleeping in, although.. You will have to bring your own madrass, the couch just isn't big enough for everyone.

Just a warning.. If you see something moving in the shadows, just stay calm and make sure that you sleep with your ping pong racket close by as you never know what lurks in the dark corners of the ping pong room!

Gerf 2020

Due to reasons, Gerf 2020 is held outside of Skövde. The number of visitors (incl. staff) is limited to 25 nerds.

The essentials

  • Dates: November 27-29, 2020
  • Location: Ulvåker Bygdegård, near Stöpen.
  • Entrance fee: 12 SEK (~€1.15)
  • Capacity: 25 people



Gerf 2020 opens


Social distancing




Social distancing






Social distancing


Gerf 2020 is over

General information

The party has a focus on the Amiga platform. However everyone with an intrest in the demoscene is welcome no matter if your target machine is a C64, an Atari, a PC or something else. In total there is room for about 25 people with computers. We use Amiga, so if you have any other platform you want to participate in the competitions with, you will have to bring your own device. The projector only accepts HDMI, but we do have an OSSC available. You have to make sure to bring cables and ensure compability yourself though.

Since the partyplace is located Outside of habitable areas, one has to arrange some kind of transport the last bit from Skövde to the party place. Contact the staff before the party and we can probably arrange something. It's about 10-15 minutes car ride, so that far from civilization.

Bringing your own beer is allowed as we don't supply any. No store available in the vicinity, so best to stock up of things to eat and drink during the party beforehand. If you happen have a car however, there are loads of shopping possibilies in neighbouring cities during saturday.

Food wise, the bygdegård has a kitchen with Micro, refridgerator, running water, water boiler, plates, cutlery etc. If you cannot use such things, there is a pizza place (Murano) in the next village.

Unfortunately there is no outhouse (utedass) available, but the building does host not one, not two, but three indoor toilets with flushing functionality.

No showers available in the party place.

Gerf will not arrange any Pizza stuff, but the staff has to eat too, so we will probably order and pick up during the party, no official arrangements though.

No internet is available. However, there is a good cellular coverage. This will mean that the compo live streaming will possibly be of lower quality, but we'll see if we cannot record the compo and put it on Youtube when the weekend is over. Any live coverage done by Gerf crew will be on Twitch (thanks to Gerp crew for letting us use their channel). We will announce any YouTube playlists later when they exist.

The entrance fee includes free breakfast on saturday and sunday and free coffee troughout the party. As with any true demoparty you can bring your inflatable matress and sleep in the hall.


If you are going by car you should point your GPS towards 'Stora vägen 30, Ulvåker' outside of Skövde or find driving directions for how to get there from a friend.

Bus 505, towards Töreboda, can be used and it will stop relatively close to the party place. The bus stop name is Ulvängen, about 10-15 minutes bus ride from Skövde.

After you have exited the bus, there is a about 15 minute walk on the country road up to the party place, or you can arrange someone to pick you up (preferred since you probably have a lot of CRT monitors and old equipment to carry, right?) The cows should be in their stables by then so even if you decide to carry all your heavy stuff, you have nothing to fear.

Parkings are available in the front of the bygdegård, please don't park inside.

The party place


Sorry, but the princess is in another castle and she said we don't have any more available seats. If someone drops out we will open the registration again, so keep an eye out here.

If you have registred already, you can prepay your entrance fee by swishing 12 SEK (~1.15€) to phone number 0731-414259. This can also be done at the party.

So far 25 people signed up. There are currently no seats available.
3EsauTraktorAmiga 1200YESYES
4OlleTraktor^Latex^Planet JazzAmigaYESYES
5d vibeNatureAmigaNOYES
12BonkersTulouAmiga, EPA TraktorYESNO
13HencoxNatureAtari Falcon030 YESYES
21DymoGenesis ProjectC64YESNO
22GouafhgThe gangAmigaYESYES
25CoreliNSANE^Five finger punchAmigaYESNO

Social distancing

For the first time in Gerf history, a competition in social distancing is held throughout the party.