Gerp 2020 is over

The first Gerp of the 20ies became a great success with visitors from five countries. Thank you all who attended for a great party! If you want to relive the party you can do so by watching the recordings at Twitch (atleast for a short while).

Releases are starting to show up at the usual places and we will try to get the rest online soon.

Update: Some of the compos can be found at YouTube

Get ready for Melodikrysset

If you want to come well prepared to the Saturday breakfast show hosted by Dalton of Tulou you can now print your own crossword from here. For our international guests we must inform that this event will be presented in swedish (to be true to the original radio show) but it should be possible to co-op with someone who understands the swedish language.

More prizes

Prowler is donating a copy of The Masters of Pixel Art Volume 3: Contemporary Pixel Art. This will be one of the prizes in the Amiga Graphics competition. We will also have some Amiga t-shirts on the prize table this year. You can also expect brand new mouse pads with motives you haven't seen before.

The Lingo afterparty

Sunday breakfast at Gerp 2020 comes with top class entertainment when it's time for Lingo! Lingo is a famous TV show and we will play the classic Amiga version by Cobrasoft. Team up with a friend and come up with words together. Five letter words. In swedish.

Win mighty fine prizes!

The winners of the Amiga Demo competition will be awarded with this fine piece of Commodore hardware. This Amiga 600HD (PSU included) is in great condition and has been recapped/refurbished by Magnus Carlsson and is kindly donated by Hyperunknown of Noice.

Here's some news...

For the first time at Gerp there will be an up-to-date PC compo machine available. A cpu at 4.5GHz and a GeForce RTX 2080 should be enough for everyone!

Six participants are ready for the AMOS Professional Showdown. Check them out under 'Competitions'. We still need two more contestants so don't hesitate to contact to sign yourself up for the showdown!

Melodikrysset med Dalton Eldeman

We are very happy to announce that there will be a special demoscene edition of the musical crossword 'Melodikrysset' presented live at Gerp 2020! ’Melodikrysset’ has been running on swedish radio every saturday morning since 1965. Make sure to get up early on the saturday morning so you don’t miss this unique event at 10.03, right after Ekot.

Four contestants ready!

The first four quarterfinalists are getting prepared for the AMOS Professional Showdown! You will find out who these brave gentlemen are by reading about the showdown under 'Competitions'.

AMOS Pro Showdown

For the second time we will host the programming showdown that the buzz is all about! The AMOS Professional Showdown is a knockout tournament where you get to show your programming skills head to head with your opponents. The winner reaches the next round and finally there is only one coder left who becomes the champion. It could be you! Read more under 'Competitions'.

The essentials

  • Dates: February 7-9 2020
  • Location: Skövde culture centre (Sweden)
  • Entrance fee: 200 SEK (150 SEK if you pre-pay)
  • Capacity: ~100 people



Gerp 2020 opens


AMOS Pro - Frist quarter finals block




Melodikrysset - Ett musikaliskt korsord med Dalton Eldeman


AMOS Pro - Second quarter finals block


AMOS Pro - Semi finals and final


Deadline Music and Graphics


Deadline Demo and Wild


All compos


Prize giving ceremony




Breakfast Lingo


Gerp 2020 is over

General information

The party has a focus on the oldschool platforms and historically it has been a stronghold for the Amiga demoscene, hence the focus on this platform. However everyone with an intrest in the demoscene is welcome no matter if your target machine is a C64, an Atari, a PC or something else. In total there is room for about 100 people with computers.

Since the partyplace is located in the middle of town you will find hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarket etc all within a few minutes of walking. The closest hotels are located just around the corner and the train/bus station is right across the street.

There will be beer sold at the party and this is something we will arrange together with the restaurant that is located in the same building as the party. While this is a nice feature it also has the downside that you are not allowed to bring your own alcohol inside (yup, that's the law).

The entrance fee includes free breakfast on saturday and sunday and free coffee troughout the party. As with any true demoparty you can bring your inflatable matress and sleep in the hall. If you're getting rusty and rather sleep at a hotel we supply some links for you below.


If you are going by car you should point your GPS towards 'Långgatan 7' in Skövde or find driving directions for how to get there. Once you arrive at the culture centre look for the entrance towards the hall named 'Freja', located at the north-east side of the building.

There is a parking house ('Modeparkeringen') a couple of hundred meters north of the party place with a cost of 75 SEK for 24 hours. This is probably the best solution if you want to avoid hassle with moving the car during certain hours and want to park close to the party. You can also park by the trainstation but this is slightly more expensive.

The closest parking space just north of the party place has a limit of max two hours parking during pay time (10-18 friday, 10-15 saturday and sunday) and the cost for these hours are 10 SEK for the first hour and 20 SEK for the second hour. While unloading your gear you can also park your car along the road outside the railroad station. If you don't want to pay for parking and don't mind parking a bit further away you can unload your gear and then park your car for free at Arena Skövde a 10-15 minutes walk from the partyplace.

If you want to go by train or bus just make sure that your end destination is 'Skövde Resecentrum'. Cross the street and head for the entrance shown in the picture below.


Sign up for Gerp 2020 by filling out the form below. Prepay your entrance fee by swishing 150 SEK to phone number 0731-414259 or if you prefer transfer the same amount to bank account 8299-0 993.628.580-9 (Swedbank). Do this before february 2020 and mark your payment with your handle. If you pay by bank transfer please also send a mail to so we don't miss to check the account.

If you instead pay when you arrive at the party (cash or Swish) the entrance fee will be 200 SEK. Since it's not possible for foreigners to prepay the entrance fee it will still be 150 SEK at the door for non-swedes.

So far 96 people signed up. There are currently 14 computer seats left.
1MalmixNature^Fatzone^Focus DesignAmiga/C64YESYES
2d vibeNature AmigaYESYES
6DymoGenesis ProjectC64YESNO
8CreepLatexC64, AmigaYESYES
14OrbiterAtari / DOSYESYES
15dLxGenesis Project^iNSANEC64, AmigaYESNO
16CoreliNSANEC64, AmigaYESYES
19deadguyPACiF!C^Up RoughAmigaYESYES
20AndersNew BeatAtariYESYES
26esautraktorAmiga 1200YESYES
34ChuckyThe GangAmigaYESYES
35DasseDHSAmiga YESYES
36BlueberryLooniesAmiga, PC, C64YESNO
37BjoppeniNSANEAmiga/C64 (cross)YESYES
42CorialFocus DesignAmigaYESNO
45mAZE DESiRE^Moods Plateau^VOiDAmiga...YESNO
48SundayDPS_Proxima_CalamityPC, Amiga, C64YESYES
50bifattek^k2amiga 500YESYES
51NerveEphidrena Falcon030YESNO
53MorbidFive Finger PunchPDP11YESYES
54DeeJay JonesindependentAmigaYESYES
55MitteCCCAmiga, Gamate, MacYESNO
56BranniganC64, AmigaYESYES
58vilcansFive Finger PunchAll of themYESNO
59BossmanRiFT^BitbendazAtari ST, PC, AmigaYESYES
64zxshoeSyntax SocietyAmigaYESNO
65FAirlaneAmiga YESNO
67opticPJZ^Focus Design^DSRAmigaYESNO
72GouafhgThe gangAmigaYESYES
73FrefThe Gang AmigaYESNO
77Vj VilmerIconPCYESYES
79BloxtercoolBjoppen JrPCYESYES
80StarzyBjoppen JrPCYESYES
82MindcoolerSys5C64, AmigaYESNO
85ProwlerNicepixel ^ NectarineAmiga + C64YESNO

AMOS Pro Showdown

For the second time we will host the programming showdown that the buzz is all about! The AMOS Professional Showdown is a knockout tournament where you get to show your programming skills head to head with your opponents. The winner reaches the next round and finally there is only one coder left who becomes the champion. It could be you!

The competition setup will be AMOS Professional running on Amiga 1200 with 060 CPU and plenty of RAM. Each round will last for 20 minutes and you can choose if you want to start with a quarter final on friday or saturday. This is so that even those who doesn't arrive until saturday can take part in the showdown. Semifinals and final will take place on the saturday.


Here they are, the competitors that so far have decided to take part in the AMOS Professional Showdown.

Deadguy of Pacif!c

After a 22 year break from AMOS coding it's hard to know what to expect from Deadguy. Will he be able to adapt his low level 68k programming skills to the high level of professional basic coding? The answer will be given at Gerp 2020.

Highpuff of Struts

No one could have forgotten the outstanding performance from Highpuff at the showdown at Gerp 2019. The question is if the most merited AMOS Professional Showdown contestant in the world(!) can repeat his achievement from 2019.

Dalton of Tulou

Even though he entered the contest totally unprepared Dalton won the AMOS Professional Showdown at Datastorm 2019. However few were surprised considering his lifelong AMOS engagement. Time will tell if he will be able to raise the bar further at Gerp 2020.

Pipe of Nature

In the woods all around Skaraborg Pipe is known as a master of Blitz Basic. The step over from Blitz to it's older sibling AMOS might sound like an easy task but there are many traps to fall into if you are not careful. Don't miss the AMOS Professional Showdown to find out if Pipe will make it!

Blueberry of Loonies

At the showdown at Datastorm Blueberry surprised the audience by recreating two classic games. Minesweeper and Tetris was each coded from scratch in 20 minutes, an impressive act to say the least! We're sure Blueberry will bring some neat surprises this time aswell.

Malmix of Nature

Rumours has it that Malmix has been coding AMOS demos under pseudonym for decades and this was enough to reach the final at Gerp 2019. However those who know his repertoire claims he might have to step his game up to stand the tough competition of the AMOS Pro Showdown 2020.


We are looking for two more participants! If you are interested in taking part in the competition then send a mail to or write a comment when you sign up for the party along with an e-mail address so that we can contact you for further details.